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Ruyao tea cups Gaiwan for home use


Material: Ruyao



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1.The tea cup can be used to cultivate cracked glaze with various textures, which is rich, shiny and colorful.
2.Made of healthy materials and fired at high temperatures, it can cultivate cracked glaze.

Note:After long-term use, visible cracked glaze will form, and if green tea is used, it will appear golden, while Pu’er will appear black. The more ancient it is, the more cracked glaze it will have.Try to drink the same kind of tea in one cup, don’t cross them, otherwise, most of the cracked lines will be black. Try not to drink Pu-Er ripe tea from a cup with splits, as the lines grown in Pu-Er ripe tea  will be black.Generally speaking, the threads grown from green tea are the most beautiful, with different shades,but they take the longest to grow. The threads raised by Taiwan Oolong and Tieguanyin are golden,and the threads raised by raw black tea are brown. Regardless of whether it is a cup or pot with or without slices,after use, it should be rinsed with clean warm water to prevent the formation of tea stains.

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