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Lazy Gongfu Tea Set, Glass Automatic Teapot


Material: high borosilicate glass+ solid wood

Components: Lid, Gaiwan, Gongdao Cup, Wooden Stand

Gaiwan: 450ml

Gongdao Cup: 550ml

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1.Simplify complexity with automatic tea making.
2.The handle of the Gongdao cup is away from the infusion bowl, preventing magnetic attraction and water leakage.
3.The handle of the fair cup is close to the infusion bowl, creating a magnetic attraction for smooth water flow.
4.Detachable design for easy cleaning of the lid and base.
5.Lid knob made of solid wood, effectively preventing scalding.
6.Equipped with a removable 304 stainless steel filter, allowing for convenient cleaning.
7.Made of high borosilicate glass, it is transparent, resistant temperature from -20 ℃- 150℃, and environmentally friendly.

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With Cups Or Not

One Glass Teapot+6 Glass Cups, One Glass Teapot Only


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