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500g green tea Biluochun kungfu tea


Item: Bilu0chun

Shelf life: 18 months

Appearance: silvery green curly

Specification: 500g


1122 in stock


  1. Curled into spirals, tightly knotted, with more tea buds, the quality and tenderness of the tea leaves are better.2.The brewed tea has a clear and translucent color, with fine and tender tea leaves, a pleasant aroma, and a lingering aftertaste.3.The tea buds and leaves are soft, vibrant yellow-green, with well-formed strips, and emit a faint fragrance.

    Method of consumption: Take an appropriate amount of tea leaves and place them in a tea brewing tool. Infuse with water at around 80 degrees Celsius and enjoy.

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3 years 500g, 4 years Liubao 500g, 5 years Liubao 500g, 7 years Liubao 500g, 8 years Liubao 500, 10 years Liubao 500g


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